Soulmate — Another part of our soul

Today is Sunday, the only day when everyone spend their day without work, without stress, without disturbances and with full of joy and peace. Now, time is 6:00 PM. It’s the time when sun hides rear of clouds, when pegions return to their nests, it’s the time of beautiful sceneries of evening will add even more peace to hearts and it’s time for me to have long walk on streets. When I step out of my house, the red sky and half of the sun from the rear of clouds waiting to say welcome to me. This evening is wonderful, I am walking on the road which is full of traffic and sounds of vehicles. Actually, this is not what I wanted, I started to nearby park. Now the time is 6:20 PM, Finally I reached to park. When I step in to the park which is full of trees, flowers and a lot of peace. This is amazing, the sounds of swung trees, the fragrance of flowers and the sweet voice of birds felt like they are glad to having me with them. All I felt here is peace, I sat on a bench calmly and having a look of my sorroundings. When I am enjoying the peace, suddenly my looks stopped on someone. A 65–70 aged couple sat on a bench under a tree and enjoying the view of wonderful evening together. Dunno why, but my eyes focused on them, they are holding hands and enjoying the peace of wonderful evening. As I new here, I dunno their language. But all I felt they are talking to each other, recalling the beautiful memories happened in their life. When they recall each memory, a cute smile made their faces even more cute. They looked like old, but all I felt the love between them is still young. May be this is the meaning of the word “Love stay young forever”. My eyes still focused on them, I may seeing two persons there but all I felt is one soul, one complete soul. How it is possible to having this much of love actually it’s looking like even more than the word “Love”, they are looking like two parts of one soul which is born to fulfill their life being together. How it is possible? while watching them I felt a different kind of happiness in my heart. They looking like old enough as experienced everything in their life, but the love between them is still the same or even more. Now the time is 6:45 PM, the sun completely hides in the rear of clouds and slowly darkness covering the park. After recalling a lot of memories, finally the couple left the park with laugh which is fulfilled with peace and happiness. I observed that they still held each other’s hand while walking and went far away from my sight. I still sat on the bench and the thoughts of the couple running over my mind. I am feeling something amazing happening inside me when I recall them. They are looking like made for each other. Is this what the word “Soulmate” really means? “Yes” an unexpected answer came from inside of my heart. It seems now I realized what the word Love is and what the word Soulmate is. It’s not science, it’s not a dream, it’s all destiny’s magic. May be the word “Marriages are made in heaven” is true. We may born with incomplete soul but that means god created another part of our soul somewhere. All we can do is to wait when destiny will make us meet. May be some times we doesn’t care when our soulmate is near us, we may didn’t even expect them is our soulmates. But when destiny decided to made us meet, no one can stop us. All I felt the difference between love and soulmate is when the person who we loved the most left us, we may feel huge pain inside our heart, but when our soulmate leaves us all we can feel is death inside. Love may be means caring each other, but soulmate means loving together, living together, laughing together, and even dying together forever. My heart is still thinking, first I felt my soul incomplete and looking for another part of my soul. My mind started imagine that the first meet of my soulmate, the beautiful moment when we meet for the first time without knowing each other, the moment we both feel together blessed by the god, that magic moment when we holding each other’s hand running over my mind. It seems I can’t wait to meet my soulmate anymore, all I wanna meet my soulmate as soon as possible. I felt even more happiness while the feeling I am waiting for my soulmate. When we made every memorable moment together and recalling them in our old age is felt like real achievement in my life. I am eagerly waiting for that moment when my soul will be completed. A strange feeling came over my heart, when I looked at sky while thinking, the crescent smiling like understood my feelings and wishing for my best future with my soulmate.

I love to read and write myself.

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