The time is 6:30 PM, its the time for sun to hide on the rear of clouds, its the time for the birds to return to their nests and its the time for long romantic and peaceful walks. The park is full of couples who enjoying the romantic scenery, elders who enjoying the peace and children who is playing happily. Every one in the park enjoying the awesome scenery, the fresh air and the songs singing by cuckoos. Everyone is enjoying the situation, but except one. Mayur sat in a bench under a tree on the park. He can’t able to see the beauty of the scenery, he can’t able to hear the beautiful sounds by birds and he can’t able to enjoy the situation anymore. Tears covered his eyes and thoughts filled his mind and only one scene he saw that day was running in front of his eyes. Maya, the girl whom he loving from two years making love with another boy. He almost lost his heartbeat for a while from that moment when he saw this scene unexpectedly. He is mourning from inside and reminding his one sided love story from past two years.

Maya, his junior in college, who attained the complete focus of Mayur at first sight. Basically Mayur is an attitude person and shy guy in front of girls. For the first time he lost his mind when he saw Maya near his class. From that day he started following her and watching her. While sleeping, eating, dreaming, whatever he doing, Maya always a part of his thoughts. He silently followed her for almost six months even he didn’t know whether she noticed his presence or not. Along with the time, Maya became almost everything to him. He imagined a beautiful life with Maya. Their marriage, Maya as his wife, their kids, their grand child every thing he imagined. Every morning he used to start his day with her thoughts.

Finally he decided to express his love to her. Even he tried so many times before to propose her, he can’t even dare to talk with her. But this day, he prepared for that, he decided to propose her. He is waiting outside of the class for her to come. Finally her class is finished and he saw her coming out from class. She is looking gorgeous. For a moment his heartbeat increased when he saw her and tension covered his mind. But finally he called her name suddenly when he reached him. His breath became hard for a moment when he called her and noticed that she turned to him. For a few seconds silence ran between them, suddenly as breaking the silence Maya asked him why he called her. Mayur forgot his words for a moment and then gathered all his courage and told her “I want to talk to you”, and looked for her reply. It looks like she doesn’t even looked like surprised at all. She is looking at him like she expected this situation before. This made him feed even more afraid. Did she knew that he loves her? may be or may not be? if she noticed him following her, then why she didn’t dodge him? did she like him too? all this thoughts running over his mind. Breaking the silence she suddenly replied “No thanks”. His heartbeat almost stopped for a moment after listening her reply, but he gathered some courage and asked her “No, just few minutes please. please.”, he almost pleaded her. She looked at him embarrassingly and told him “Okay, tell me quickly, I have to go”. For a moment he forgot what he supposed to tell and then told her “I Love You Maya”. By listening his words, she looked at him angrily and asked him “Love? Why do you love me?”. He stunned after listening her, he never ever expected this question. Of course this is the most difficult question for a lover while proposing to his lover, even if we had a lot of things to tell nothing will come at that moment. Even Mayur too had a lot of things to tell her but he can’t able to speak. Then he took a deep breath and told her “I too don’t know that Maya, but when I saw you for the first time, it made me feel you are born for me and I was born for you and we are made for each other. Until I saw you I don’t even know the meaning of love, but all I comes to realize for the first time when I saw you. Love is a feeling happen when we are nearby our soulmate. And I strongly believe that you are my soulmate Maya, I promise that I will never ever leave you. I love you, forever” completed his words and looked at her. She doesn’t seems that she heard his words, all she looking at him embarrassingly and doesn’t care of his bullshit feelings. Finally she replied “Sorry, not at all interested” and left.

Still he standing there alone, she rejected his love without even a second thought. His thoughts, his dreams, his beautiful world with her all left him alone. He is mourning inside. His breath became hard and finally left that place helplessly. He can’t even slept that night. His heart forcing him not to leave her and ask her again. But his mind is telling him not to do. But his dreams, his hopes all are forcing him to ask her again. Finally he decided not to leave her. From then he started asking her again and again, he asked, requested and pleaded for her love. At last she accepted him as just a friend. His hopes raised again, his dreams came to life again. From then they started to chatting, talking and calling each other. Even she knew that he still loving her, she just treated him as a friend. But he felt more happy when talking with her even he proposed her so many times, but every time she avoided it. He used to share every small thing in his personal life with her and day by day his hopes were increased and finally he became as he can’t live without her.

Two years passed, they became very close. But still no change, she treating him as a friend and he is treating her like his everything. The present day, when came out of the class, he saw her talking with some other boy far away from him. As he noticed them, he just reached near to listen them without her observation. He is listening them from behind a nearby tree, they are talking about their love and their future plans. After listening them, Mayur stunned for a while, he doesn’t know that Maya already had a boyfriend. He kept listening them, suddenly Maya told that boy about Mayur’s proposal and about their chats and his personal life issues what he shared with her etc. and then they started talking about Mayur, cracking jokes of his foolishness and laughed at him. While listening their words, Mayur burning inside, they are making fun of his personal life issues. Tears covered his eyes and he stand like a statue there. After some time they hugged each other and the boy left and as Maya turned to get back to class, she stunned while she saw Mayur standing there. He is looking at her, his face is filled with tears and his eyes are red in color. He is looking at her camly. She didn’t even expected this. She can’t able to talk anymore. She just ran quickly to her class.

Mayur can’t be there anymore, that place is killing him and he went out of the college. He didn’t ate all the day and sat camly in park. Everyone is heppy there but he is dying inside. His dreams were fallen and his heart is completely broken. Now he realized what he lost in past two years. He lost his attitude, his self-respect, his character for a girl. He is crying hard and he can’t even bare her in his thoughts. He turned on his mobile and found a new message from Maya. She asked for apologize for cracking jokes at him. He turned off his mobile angrily and then turned on to see her message and then turned off and then turned on. He repeated this a lot of times with anger. He is burning inside. Finally he took deep breath and started to type reply message to her that “No Maya, you no need to apologize to me, its all my mistake to love you even after you rejected me, I just thought that you can understand my feelings and love me back. Waited for hours, days, and years for your love, even I knew I can’t won your love. I don’t have to feel angry on you for hiding that you already had boyfriend or cracking jokes on me. Till now I prayed for your love and from now I pray for your happiness. All I feel hate of myself because of loving you, for sharing all my personals with you and loosing my attitude for you. I just hate myself for all the things I did for you. I didn’t thought before that I lose my character but then I lost for you. I lost myself in the process of begging for your love. Its completely my mistake, not your’s. From now you are not in my life anymore, and I will never disturb you again and hope you will never disturb me. Good Bye!” finished his message and sent her. And without a second thought he blocked her and deleted her number from his phone as well as from his heart. Now he feels more relief that he got himself back. He looked at the sky, now the beauty of the scenery feels like even more beautiful to him and the sounds from birds felt like wish him for better future.

Mayur may be failed in his love story but definitely he will succeed in his life and will never leave his attitude again. From this story, I wanna share something, if anyone proposes you either accept or reject clearly and try to convince them to accept your response. Because if they asked you again and again, that doesn’t mean they are forcing you to love them. That means you are the only one in their heart and almost everything to them. If a boy keeps following a girl and plead for her love, it may feel that girl happy but here the boy losing his self-respect, his attitude, his character for that girl. That means the girl had that much place in his heart. So, please don’t play with any one’s emotions. They are also humans, they also have feelings.

I love to read and write myself.

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